Thoughts That Inspire Us

All-American Holdings did exactly what they said they would do,
close in less than 60 days.

Steven G. Brown - Vice President Business Development

All American Holdings; A Global Holding Company

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in Nashville, TN and Florida, All-American Holdings is a Global Holding Company focused on buying non-core and under-performing businesses. Our acquisitions focus on on divisions, subsidiaries, and spin-offs of Fortune 2000 companies. Through our established values we deploy our 60 to CloseTM methodology to purchase businesses quickly and restore them to health. All-American Holdings is managed by successful professionals and operating executives inspired by wisdom.

Proven Experience

140 Plus Years of Operating Experience

150 Acquisitions/Investments Completed

Established Values + Inspired by Wisdom = Growth TM

"...this is the sole reason why we continue to grow the way we are growing..."

- Marshall B. Hunt
All-American Holdings -