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At All-American Holdings we grow through the acquisitions we make, the clients we serve, and the people we employ. The lives of our founders and current employees are continually inspired through the established values and wisdom we receive with every acquisition. We look at every acquisition as another foundation of values inspiring All-American Holdings.


TAM Ceramics LLC, founded over 100 years ago and based in Niagara Falls, NY, is a leading manufacturer of high quality ceramic industrial powders including zircon, zirconia, and titanate powders specifically engineered for industrial applications.

Purchased in December 2007.
TAM was sold in March 2010
Closed in LESS THAN 60 Days

  • All-American acquired TAM Ceramics from Fortune 1000 company Ferro Corporation in December 2007

  • All-American Holdings invested in logistics with a focus on supply chain management by purchasing a new system from SAP.

  • All-American Holdings saved over 50 jobs in Upstate New York by letting the values and wisdom of its employees to prosper.

  • TAM Ceramics LLC was sold to management and outside investors in March 2010. This sale realized a return of over 40% compounded annually.



Accu-Glass LLC, founded in 1960 and based in St. Louis, MO, is a leading manufacturer of specialty glass tubing that is used as a sub-component in medical devices and industrial applications.

Purchased in November 2008.
Closed in LESS THAN 60 Days

  • All-American purchased Accu-Glass from Fortune 500 Company Becton Dickinson in November 2008.

  • The company immediately began focusing on businesses that would allow for the growth of the technology sector of Accu-Glass.

  • Accu-Glass LLC currently employs over 35 All-Americans.



Snap-Tite Hose, founded in 1970 and based in Erie, PA, is the leading fire hose manufacturer in the world serving firehouses, municipalities, militaries and industrial users world-wide. Now known as All-American Hose LLC.

Purchased in June 2010.
Closed in LESS THAN 60 Days

  • All-American Holdings purchased Snap-Tite Hose from parent Snap-Tite Inc. in June 2010

  • The Company changed the name from Snap Tite Hose to All-American Hose LLC in 2010

  • All-American Hose currently employs over 150 All-Americans.

  • All-American is actively looking for add-on acquisitions in the fire/safety industry



All-American Hose, Oil & Gas LLC, founded in 2012 and based in Erie, PA, pioneered and leads the industry in lay flat hose used for oil and gas exploration. AAH-Oil & Gas serves the needs of Oil & Gas exploration throughout the USA and Canada.

Formed in 2012.

  • All-American Holdings launches All-American Hose Oil & Gas in June 2012

  • The Company opened a new 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Erie, PA.

  • The Company currently employs over 50 new All-Americans to the Erie, PA area.

  • All-American Hose Oil & Gas continues to expand both its manufacturing and sales capabilities.




American Food Service, based in Savannah, TN, is a leading millwork and fabrication manufacturer servicing the restaurant and food services industry as well as the medical, military, and travel sectors worldwide. Now known as American Millwork and Fabrication LLC.

Purchased in July 2014.
Closed in LESS THAN 60 Days

  • All-American Holdings purchased American Food Service from Standex International Corporation in July of 2014.

  • The company’s name was changed in September 2014 to American Millwork & Fabrication.

  • The company currently employs over 150 All-Americans in Hardin County, TN.

  • American Millworks and Fabrication is expanding into medical, military, and travel sectors worldwide.

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