Calvin Hunt


Established Values + Inspired by Wisdom = Growth

The All-American Holdings Timeline


Jul '14 - Purchased American Food Service
from Standex International Corp.

Sept '14 - Name changed to American Millwork
and Fabrication. All-American Holdings is proud
to employ over 400 All-Americans.


Delivered its first Polyurethane Large Diameter Lay Flat Hose for the Fracking Industry April 19th 2013.


All-American Hose, Oil and Gas LLC established in Erie, PA.


Mar '10 - Sold TAM Ceramics LLC to Management.

Jun '10 - Purchased Snap-Tite Hose Inc. from Snap-Tite Inc. Name changed to All-American Hose LLC in 2010


Nov '08 - Purchased Accu-Glass LLC from Becton Dickenson.


Dec '07 - Purchased TAM Ceramics LLC from Ferro Company.


All-American Holdings established in Atlanta, GA, USA.

In 2004 Marshall Hunt and Rob Shuler met at the financial firm of Sheryl Lyles. Marshall was an entrepreneur developing, growing, and selling his medical businesses and Rob was one of his investors. At the time Sheryl was consulting with both of them

Marshall and Rob shook hands and All-American Holdings began. In the next 11 years, Marshall and Rob purchased, invested, and developed four businesses that were in need of attention. Businesses that needed the support necessary to make them viable again.

In 2015, Rob stepped out of the partnership for an early retirement and Marshall’s son Calvin and his former business partner Bill Peterson stepped in to fill Rob’s role. Together they have turned their attention to the millwork & fabrication industry and are focused on building a national brand in that space.

The inspiration of All-American comes from the companies it holds and the people who make up those companies. Its future is just as bright as its humble beginnings.

Bringing together efficiencies, investing capital, and finding new ways for growth have brought all of the companies in the All-American Holdings portfolio to sustainability. 

This has all been done through established values inspired by wisdom.