Calvin Hunt



By pioneering the 60 to Close methodology, All-American Holdings through the values and passion to admire others has the unique ability to close
in 60 days or less.



Many companies in distress are faced with timelines and deadlines beyond their control. In order to make the transaction less burdensome and easier on the selling party, All-American Holdings has committed itself to closing in less than 60 days.

Our executive team, with over 140 years of combined business experience, decided long ago our values; principled, accountable, courteous, and resourceful would lead a methodology true to them. 60 to Close does just that. We know the decision you have to make is long and arduous. Involving business associates, and sometimes friends and family, the decision once reached needs to be done as quickly as possible; as well with a company that can be trusted. All-American Holdings uses these values to guide their actions.

60 to CloseTM
allows them to do just that.

Deal Timeline:

All-American Holdings is structured to move quickly from valuation to due diligence to closing in an expeditious manner. We have established a compressed timeline in order to meet the most aggressive needs of a seller. Below outlines this process.


DAY 0 - Submit Business Summary - including written description, trailing three year historical financials (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow Statement), current financials and two years projected financials).
DAYS 3-5 - Conference Call with Seller- Call typically is to discuss business summary, deal specifics, timing and steps to finalize terms.


DAY 7 – All-American Holdings issues Term Sheet- for Seller review.
DAYS 8-15 - Term Sheet is negotiated and signed- Depending on speed of seller and its approval process.


DAYS 16-50 - Due Diligence and Legal Documentation- Focused diligence performed by ALL-AMERICAN and Legal Docs reviewed by both ALL-AMERICAN and Seller counsel.


DAYS 50-60 - In a typical platform Acquisition, the business All-American buys is in need of immediate management attention. ALL-AMERICAN is set up to act quickly when these opportunities present themselves.